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Once upon a time a community of 300 homes came together at a local church to discuss healthcare for the 21st century. The community was called American and it consisted of 100 red houses, 100 white houses, and 100 blue houses. The American subdivision strategically put forth a plan to improve the health system in its country using its community as “the test.” A new healthcare law passed by its government required all homeowners to purchase health insurance or pay an insurance tax of $30. The homeowners of American subdivision elected to pay the $30 tax.

The homeowners of American subdivision formed a nonprofit health organization. Each house would essentially become a “nonvoting member” and contribute $65 a month to the nonprofit health organization. All homeowners knew that the nonprofit would collect $19,500 a month from the American subdivision. The funds collected were to be used to pay the medical bills of the American subdivision when a homeowner had a medical need. Each of the 300 homeowners had to wait 3 months before seeing a doctor to allow the funds to increase. Therefore, the homeowners knew that there would be $58,500 in the nonprofit's cash chess after 3 months. There were no restrictions placed on the homeowners by the nonprofit health organization, except no medical fees were paid stemming from criminal activities or suicidal attempts, nor medical fees were paid for abortion procedures. The nonprofit health organization would view any medical coma on a case by case basis. Each homeowner can see the doctor of his or her choice. All personal information from each homeowner was submitted to the nonprofit health organization. A HIPAA release form was filled out, signed and submitted by each homeowner. A “10 point nonvoting membership policy” was given to each homeowner outlining the principles of the nonprofit health organization. The financial statements can be viewed by each homeowner every 3 months. A health card was given to each homeowner between the 2nd and 3rd month. Each homeowner received a membership number.

The excitement from the American community grew when the homeowners' health cards allowed them to visit doctors and medical facilities in other states and around the world. The homeowners of the American community did not worry about copays for doctor visits, healthcare deductibles for major medical procedures, coinsurance fees created from big medical bills, nor whether a doctor or clinic was in-network or out-of-network. The creation of the nonprofit health organization essentially eliminated all of these insurance terms used in the healthcare insurance industry. Representatives from the nonprofit health organization successfully formed a business alliance with every clinic and hospital to accept the American homeowners as patients.

The nonprofit health organization that serves the American community felt so strongly about its philosophical idea toward healthcare that it passed a resolution to allow all households within its country and from around the world to become “nonvoting members”.

This story is fictional but these ideas were devised while taking finance courses in college. My vision for healthcare led to the incorporation of Red White & Blue Health, Inc. as a nonprofit health organization. Become a member and start visiting doctors within a short period of time for as little as $65 a month. Also, you will receive assistance for the costs of drug prescriptions.